"Cheré is an excellent Orton-Gillingham instructor for a number of reasons: she readily develops a great rapport with children and puts them at ease, she is very knowledgeable about how to break things down using the Orton-Gillingham methodology, and she is a flexible teacher who instinctively knows how to individualize the lesson based on a student's strengths and weaknesses. I have been extremely impressed with Cheré's knowledge and clinical skills in working with the student, parents, and school. She is a consummate professional!" - Neuropsychologist
"Cheré is truly gifted! She has the ability to instinctively know what a child needs, devise a targeted plan to address those needs, and then implement the plan in a way that actually engages the child. In a recent Parent-Teacher conference, my daughter's teachers described a level of improvement that was so encouraging. Cheré played a critical role in facilitating that improvement." -- Parent of a fourth grader
"Cheré's warm, personal approach immediately created a bond with our daughter on a level she could understand. Cheré is very good at simplifying a lesson to its essence and creating fun ways to make the information stick. With Cheré, it's never a rote lesson, but creative time breaking down the fundamentals to make new building blocks." -- Parent of a sixth grader
"Cheré Campbell has been a great help to our third-grade son over the past year. She has been attentive, thoughtful, sensitive, and effective. She has made every effort to let us know how he is doing and what he is working on. When our boy has been resistant to tutoring, she has managed to calm him and bring his attention back to the task at hand. Additionally, Cheré has reached out to his public school teachers to learn what he is doing in class, so she can orient his Orton-Gillingham tutoring to best help him. Most importantly, he has made great progress. From being several months to a year behind, he is now at grade level. Last weekend he actually read for pleasure without his parents' encouragement. We would highly recommend her to other parents of dyslexic children looking for help." -- Parent of a third grader
"Cheré has been immeasurably helpful. Her unwavering encouragements have led our entire family to better negotiate dyslexia. Her patience, kindness, and guidance have turned our child into a strong reader." -- Parent of a third grader
"Cheré's gentle patience and enthusiasm have helped to build my child's confidence immensely. Her positive attitude and expertise have proven to be powerful tools in building my daughter's reading skills. I would highly recommend her to any parents who are looking to improve their child's skills and confidence in reading and spelling." - Parent of a sixth grader